To become a successful person in professional career one has to chalk out the proper career plan. First it’s necessary to assess yourself, then to setting your career goal, then developing plan of actions & pursuing plan till you succeed.

While making plan or setting goal for career, one should judge himself first. He should be sure about his preference, likes and dislikes. He should know about his ability and limitation. He should be clear about the regulated & non-regulated professions person chalks his career plan without assessing himself, he may go into wrong career path. But if a person pursues his passion then it’s obvious that he should succeed in his life.

Upgrade your education:

Since you have migrated from other country and you don’t have any formal education of the foreign country, you should upgrade your education in your new land. This will actually broaden your career scope because its very obvious that people having education of that country gets privilege from the employers.

Get Training:

You can take any professional training about skills (you require for the job) or language from a recognized institution because they would guide you and prepare you accordingly. This will help you in getting right jobs easily. 

Find out about employers: 

You have to do good homework about the reputed organizations of your field. Because as a new immigrant, you might not have much knowledge about this. You can also subscribe to employment newspapers & career magazines. GPS will help you a lot regarding this by providing current vacancies, information about that particular company & more over will prepare you for the interview.

Corporate Tips

Team work :

Teamwork is activities done by more that one man to realize a common goal. Not only in corporate world, team work is exercised in everywhere. Working in a team the befit is that workload is divided into team members and so no one feels much pressure or workload. Teamwork also increases the speed of work as responsibilities are distributed properly. Being a team player, one should be responsible enough about his duties, should be co-operative with the co-workers. Healthy competition is good in workplace, but leg pulling or work politics are not acceptable. Never demand for the credit or blame other for the failure. Always give your own feedback or suggestion to your boss about anything you feel.     

Leading a TEAM :

If you are leading a team, then you should always encourage your team members to take decision independently. Such a way they would take more responsibility. . Let them know what expectation you have from them. Always put deadlines and goal to your members so that accordingly they can chalk out their plan of action. Its very important to make sure that your team efforts shouldn’t go unnoticed. Don’t forget to praise or give recognition to hardworking members because that recognition only will encourage them to work even harder.

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