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Will the Employer provide a Work Permit ?

It is possible that the Employer will sponsor you on a work permit. This will depend on the position and your experience. You should apply first, and then after being interviewed by the employer, it can be determined whether a work permit is a viable option.

What happens after I post my profile ?


You need to view the job postings on a daily, or weekly basis. When you see a position where your skills are a good match, apply to that position. If the Employer selects you, you will be notified via Global Placement Services.


Who is Global Placement Services ?

Global Placement Services is a Canadian based Recruitment agency with links around the world. Established in 1996 it assists companies around the world with their recruitment need

As a Job Seeker is there a cost to post my profile on your website ?


No, there is no cost to post your profile on our site. You can search as many positions as you wish, all at no cost.


As an Employer is there a cost to post a position on your website ?


No, there is no cost to post a position on our site. You can post as many positions as you wish, and search for as many candidates as you wish. All at no cost to you.


How many Professionals have you assisted?


Global Placement Services is proud of its track record. Since its inception it has assisted over 6,000 professionals link up with employers looking for their unique skill sets.


As an Employer, why Should I Use Global Placement Services ?

Global Placement Services provides a highly professional and responsive recruitment service at rates far below industry averages. • We can respond quickly, matching your request with qualified individuals, usually within one business day, OR • You can register on the GPS website and post your positions. Professionals from around the world will instantly become aware of your posting, and apply accordingly. • Global Placement Services develops a complete profile of the client’s skills, work experience, academic standing, communication skills and interpersonal skills • Profiles of our clients are stored in our database to be quickly referenced based on an employer’s requirements • We can assist you with both junior and senior level positions • We will provide candidates interested in working in either contract or permanent positions • You will save thousands of dollars in advertising or personnel agency fees

What happens when I select a candidate?

Once candidates are selected Global Placement Services will use its vast network of offices to contact the candidates; verify their credentials; and arrange suitable interviews.

What happens if the candidate is not a permanent resident in my country?


Global Placement Services, utilizing the expertise of the world’s largest immigration company, Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS), will process the candidate’s work permit.


I have just got my Landing Papers, what services does GPS offer me?


• Assessment of your academic and professional credentials while overseas • Preparation of a detailed Action Plan, outlining the steps to take for successful settlement in your new country • Arrangement of Transitional Housing. Fully furnished luxury accommodation for you and your loved ones. • Free Pick up at the airport and transportation to the welcome house 24/7 • Assistance for applying for government health and work cards • Ongoing settlement counseling in the first week of landing • Access to our Job Developer team, to ensure successful placement in the shortage period of time • Access to the GPS website and the ongoing job opportunities posted by companies around the world • Opportunities to participate in ongoing social events and association discounts through Club GPS


Will my international credentials be accepted at par with G8 countries?


Each country has different benchmarks to measure academic and professional credentials. Let the GPS team assess your skills based on the company’s expectations, and leave the worry to us.


I find international credentials very confusing, how can GPS help?


GPS has vast experience assessing international academic and professional credentials. In addition to our own expertise, we have partnerships with a number of assessment organizations to assist us if necessary. Leave the worry with us.


What are the Benefits of using GPS ?

  Cost, Exposure, Specialization, Fewer Clicks, More Privacy, Result Oriented    

Why do you use a Profile instead of a Resume

You can post your resume in your GPS Profile, but the Profile goes much further than a resume ever could. A resume was fince, in the old days. However, new technology dictates that information is put into an orderly standard format so that searches, filters, and matches can be run against the data. This is virtually impossible using the free form format of resume.

Does posting my Profile on GPS exclude me from working with another recruiting firm or posting to other Internet job sites?


No, there is no conflict at all


Who will see my resume ?


Your resume will be sent to every recruiter, headhunter and direct hiring corporation that has requested to receive resumes from people that meet your exact profile. We do allow direct hiring companies to use this service but you will be able to deselect any company that you do not want to receive your resume (i.e Your current employer)


Do people really respond to the listings? (Employers)


Yes, almost every group that has posted a listing has reported many responses from applicants who found their listing on this site. In fact, a few have asked to remove their listing early because they have so many applicants from this site


How often are your jobs updated on your website?


The jobs are updated daily. As soon as our member sends a job order to our database it is automatically posted to our website and the date posted is viewable to job seekers. When you search the jobs database the results are displayed in descending date order with the most current jobs at the top of the result page.


Do you guarantee the authencity of employee/job seeker of your site?


Yes, we do.


What are the highlights of GPS Site ?


More Targeted, Lower Cost Per Hire, Larger Reach, Longer Run Time, More Control and Flexibility, GPS provides and efficent, cost effective and automated way to get your opportunities in front of a large, national and highly targeted audience.


What kind of employment opportunities are offered at GPS ?


We have a wide variety of jobs available at GPS. Because our main focus is research, many of our employees are scientists, researchers, egineers, technicians, business officers, and librarians. We have employ administrative staff, computer scientists, financial officers, human resources officers, and other managers and professionals.


What safeguards exist to protect my privacy and the confidentiality of information ?

Although no site is 100% safe, we let you select your own private login id and password. Only registered companies who search criteria match yours will be able to view the profile information you created. We put you in total control of the information release process. Your name, address, and email address are not displayed in the search functions of our site. Firms will make a decision whether or not to contact you based upon the other profile information that you submit. You will be notified if a firm has interest in you. At that time you will have the option to release your full profile. This method is much more confidential than using a traditional online resume, which usually contains enough information to identify you (i.e current and previous employers, schools attended). The situation that we are trying to avoid is to have your current manager see your resume on the Internet and to know that you are looking for a new opportunity. We allow for a resume to be included in the profile, but only if you choose to do so. This resume will not be displayed unless you decide to release your whole profile to a firm or apply directly to GPS.

How do I communicate with Confidential Candidates? (Employer)


Easily. When a confidential candidate applies for a job, you are notified immediately by email and the person's resume is linked to the appropriate job in your Account Manager area where you can also communicate with the person via a confidential messaging system. A corresponding entry is made in the respective candidate's Career Manager under Career Contacts. Non-confidential applicant resumes are sent directly to you via email.


Will my current employer be able to see my resume ? Can I keep my resume confidential ?


If your current employer is registered to the site, there is no way to block your resume. However, employers only have access to those candidates whose profiles match their current job postings. You can perform a confidential job search by utilizing the recuiter's directory to find a recruiter who specializes in placing candidates with your specific background.


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Will my international credentials be accepted at par with G8 countries ?


Each country has different benchmarks to measure academic and professional credentials. Let the GPS team assess your skills based on the company’s expectations, and leave the worry to us.

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