If you have just a arrived the country, or have immigrated recently & are looking to establish your career, here are some tips for you.

Cross-cultural orientation :

First you should habituate yourself in the foreign country as you will find a lot differences in society, people, the work culture, language and in many other things. So adjustment with the changes is must because as early as you will be accustomed with new life, you will actually mix up in people & that will ease the path of your career goal.

Some general tips :
You may be a fresher or you are just trying for a better growth. But while you face the interviewer you have to present yourself as a complete professional. You should be sound in your knowledge & skills, should be mature, confident enough to face any question related to your current profile, work experience etc. Job market is so competitive that you have to maintain a high standard of professionalism before the interviewer.

Professionalism :

A professional attitude is the thing which one cannot import. It should come from inside. To have a professional attitude one requires certain attributes: technical competence in related field, a total commitment to efficiency and hard work, ethical standards.  Throughout the interview the interviewer should be satisfied by interviewee’s professionalism. 

Punctuation :

To get the success in corporate world one should maintain punctuation. Attending meeting or submitting report- he or she has to meet the deadline because doing thing in proper way doesn’t matter, it matters when you are doing the things in proper manner in your given time. So when attending the interview one should reach the place well in time. He should map out the route before hand if not sure about the destination. Reaching before hand at interview place will give you enough time to set your mind and prepare for the interview. If one is on his way to the interview and getting late because of some unwanted reason, he should inform them early. This gesture will show he or she is serious and responsible as well.

Presentation :
Presentation is all about you picture yourself during the interview. Formal dress is preferable though doesn’t matter what you dress if you are carrying it with an attitude. Body language plays an important role and in most of the cases interviewer grills the person sitting in front of him through his body language only. Entering into the room, greeting, sitting, placing hands, eye-contacts & voice modulation – all these are very important part of an interview. 

Preparation :

Applicant must prepare for the interview properly. He should have the knowledge about company he intends to join. The brief background about the company, the knowledge of the industry, the business they are dealing with and knowledge about major players and competitors are mandatory. It would present the person as a truly professional.

Resume formatting :

Proper Resume formatting plays a very important role in interview. Resume is a brief info about you, your education, experience & many other important things. One should know the art of proper resume making & if not then should take help of professionals because in resume everything should be in chronological order.    

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