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Labour Market Opinion (LMO) Program

This program results in a work permit for the worker. It is a two stage process, starting with an application for a labour market opinion from Service Canada.  This is much easier and faster than it was in the past due to shortages of workers.  Once an LMO is granted the second stage is to get the work permit which can take about three to four months......

AEO Program - A Recruitment Tool for Long Term Labour Needs Planning    

Under the ministerial instructions AEO program has been put in a priority immigration category, delivering an immigrant visa in about a year.  No work permit is issued.  The employer makes an application for an AEO approval to Service Canada, which takes about two weeks.  Then the worker applies to immigrate.....

Provincial Nominee Programs in the Labour Market of Various Provinces    

Provincial Nominee Program (OO) is an immigration program that supports Ontario employers by facilitating the immigration of managerial, professional and skilled foreign workers and international students needed to meet their human resource needs.  This is helpful where employers are having difficulties finding the skilled workers they need......

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