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After the ministerial instructions were announced on 28th Nov, 08 the Global Placement Services (GPS) has started providing following services to the employers:

If an employer needs skilled worker in O, A and B category of National Occupation Classification List immediately then out of the professionals who have landed in Canada as permanent residents, their resumes are sent forthwith so that the employer can fill up the vacancy by utilizing the services of permanent resident. 

  • If in the database of GPS requisite number of permanent residents for a particular occupation are not available and the employer can wait for a few months after taking the permission of Service Canada and Human Resources and Social Development Canada then GPS can provide suitable workers on work permit from the database of multinational group Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services.
  • Employers whose need can wait a little longer i.e. about 12 months can use Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO) Program.  This is an immigrant program and the job offers are not binding unlike the work permit program which involves a binding job offer.
  • As PNP’s for skilled workers are given top priority by CIC, and they are less onerous then the federal program, employers interested to get foreign workers under the specific program of a province where business establishment is located, GPS provides services to them.  After the job offer with an approved LMO is sent to GPS then the resumes provided by sister companies of WWICS Group are provided to the employers and if they approve then assistance is provided to the candidates to get work permit, nominee certificate and later on permanent residency. 

Services for Job Seekers :


Global Strategic Business Consultancy, UAE (GSBC) has outsourced to Global Placement Services (GPS) its function of assisting Canadian employers who are unable to fill vacancies.  After GPS identifies the employers who need workers immediately or who can wait for few months or who can wait up to one year or who want to take advantage of Provincial Nominee Programs for filling the vacancies, it collects database of the suitable employees from Worldwide Immigration Services Group of Companies. (WWICS Group is having its presence in all continents of the world).  To the job seekers identified by WWICS Group of Companies, GPS offers following services:

  • When the Workers Land as Permanent Residents or Temporary Resident on Work Permit then it Provides Guidance and Help in Following Fields:
  • Receiving the client at the airport and providing temporary accommodation in welcome house/guest house
  • Obtaining social insurance number card
  • Obtaining health insurance
  • Opening a bank account
  • Obtaining a drivers license
  • Helping to rent an accommodation
  • Finding a job for permanent residents landing in Canada under the Federal Program
  • Helping the permanent resident or temporary resident to integrate in Canadian society
  • Helping temporary resident on work permit to apply for permanent residency either under Canadian Experience Class or under ministerial instructions dated 28th Nov, 08,


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