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I just wanted to THANK YOU for all the help you've given me over the last 2 years, for keeping me relaxed during the manic recruitment phases and being the best team. I've ever had to work with. At first I was skeptical of hiring anybody without any Canadian inside sales experience but after speaking to Sumit I realized that your candidates have all skills required to do the job efficiently. I have hired your candidates for the inside sales positions and have liked the way they have outperformed. I have also recommended a lot of other companies to retain your services. Sumit has been very professional, an excellent communicator, and quickly understood exactly what skills I am looking for.

-Om Lasi
(RMC Capital Group Ltd.)

'Can Work Corp'  wishes to thank you for our meeting on Monday Sept. 20, 2004. Like yourself and Global we at Can Work are excited with the caliber of the immigration candidates to be found in your client portfolio. While our company has very limited experience with newly arriving professional we are committed to offering all our job/position applicants the utmost in respect and courtesy. Our success has been built upon the effort of thousand of recent arrivals to our country. Its is exciting and serves as a constant reminder of the goodness of Canada, to see and work with people who are electing to make it their country of choice. As a company, we welcome the opportunity to assist Global in the transitioning process with these new immigrants. We promise to be honest and considerate of all referrals that will come to us. Our company will apprise each applicant of their job search  status and work very hard to expose these individuals to work environments with they may be  accustomed. All workers will be properly advised of the nature of the positions, salary, working supervisors, directions etc. Workers will be paid weekly with a one-week turnaround or holdback. Can Work Corp  believes we can and will be helpful in introducing your clients to Canadian life situations and ultimately satisfying career opportunities. In the event you may have further questions, please feel free to contact Janet Watkins or myself.

-David Nadeau
(CanWork Corporation)
I first thought it will be really hard to get a great candidate from the Industry, but 48 hours after I submitted my request to you, I had several interviews of  candidates arranged for me. The Office Administration job profile  was especially  demanding for a number of reasons, but the answer I  got from Global Placement Services was both prompt  and reassuring  and I found the whole staff in general  and you in particular  professional, devoted  and enthusiastic. And just within a week I had found the right candidate, Namrata Shah. I can only praise  the kind help, attention and advice you provided. And I look forward for the continued professionalism. Currently I am looking for 4 people in sales and marketing.
-Amarjit Saini
(AP Computer Training INC.)
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