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Global Placement Services is a Canada-based company, which exclusively deals with the placement & settlement of clients. Ever since its inception in 1993, GPS has been successfully providing end-to-end placement & settlement solutions to its clients globally. The placement services provided by GPS are designed to equip the candidates with vital information and enable them to relocate easily. It prepares the clients for a complex and ever-changing market and helps them to adapt to the new environment.

Canadian Programs

Under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), provinces and territories

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Our Partners

Global Placement Services (GPS) has the strong parteners base working together.

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About us


Welcome to Global Placement Services! We are a leading provider of talent solutions for businesses around the world. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping individuals and companies find the top talent they need to grow and succeed in accordance with our global outreach. 

Founded in 1993, we have established a strong network of offices and partnerships in key locations across the globe including Canada, Australia, Middle-East, Nepal, Kenya, and across India. We are committed to building a diverse and extensive pool of qualified candidates, and we use innovative technologies and processes to streamline the engagement process for both companies and job seekers.  

As a trusted advisor for businesses seeking to grow and develop their workforce, we offer expert guidance on industry trends and best practices for attracting and retaining top talent. We are proud to have earned numerous awards and certifications for our commitment to excellence, and we have partnerships with some of the world's leading organizations.

In addition, the company strives to create a positive and inclusive culture that empowers employees and helps them achieve their full potential

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Job Seekers

We are a leading organization assisting job seekers find the perfect job match. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to meet and locate your unique skills, experience, and career goals. Read More..


We also help businesses find top talent for their open positions. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to finding the right fit for your company’s needs, culture, and goals. Read More...

Our Partners

Our Vision

The Company holds a vision of becoming the leading Placement & Settlement Service Provider for clients around the world, and showcases reputed credibility in the marketplace.

Ultimately, our aim plays a vital role in connecting and assisting talented individuals with meaningful opportunities through our global accordance to build strong and successful teams.

Our Mission

The prime mission of our organization is to assist our clients in their placement and settlement in accordance with our global reach that fits their skills and experience.

The ultimate goal is to help both employers and job seekers find the right fit, resulting in a successful and satisfying employment-connecting behavior.

Om Lasi

(RMC Capital Group Ltd.)

I just wanted to THANK YOU for all the help you've given me over the last 2 years, for keeping me relaxed during the manic recruitment phases and being the best team.

David Nadeau

President (CanWork Corporation)

'Can Work Corp' wishes to thank you for our meeting on Monday Sept. 20, 2004. Like yourself and Global we at Can Work are excited with the caliber of the immigration candidates to be found in your client portfolio.

Amarjit Saini

Partner (AP Computer Training INC.)

I first thought it will be really hard to get a great candidate from the Industry, but 48 hours after I submitted my request to you, I had several interviews of candidates arranged for me.


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